Artist 2021
Christina Karpodini
Blocks Sound
Free. Artwork shown as part of main exhibition, open 11am-11pm daily.
Christina Karpodini is a Greek composer, media artist and performer whose work explores the effectiveness of computer music.

Through her sonic practice she aims to bring listeners closer to nature and the environment as well as their inner selves and mentality. Her pieces are characterised by playful visual aesthetics and futuristic 20th century music influences. Her practice focuses on electroacoustic compositions, interactive installations and instrument making.

Even though she has been studying classical music since 7 years old, sonic arts have become the main focus of her studies and practise on the 2nd year of her undergraduate studies at the University of Athens. Moving to London gave her the opportunity to complete two masters, City University of London and Goldsmiths University and form her compositional practise with the use of contemporary computational techniques.

Her compositions have been played at various festivals and conferences around the world (UK, Italy, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece) and she has proudly curated the soundscapes and sound design for two theatrical productions of the Greek Art Theatre (Theatro Technis).

For the past 6 years she based in London exhibiting and performing at various venues (WISWOS, Horniman museum, A&SM#4.5, Hack and Scratch). "