Camille Baker
INTER/her: Journey Inside the Female Body
Free. Artwork shown as part of main exhibition.
Camille Baker is an artist-performer/researcher/curator within various art forms: immersive experiences, participatory performance and interactive art, mobile media art, tech fashion/soft circuits/DIY electronics, responsive interfaces and environments, and emerging media curating. Maker of participatory performance and immersive artwork, Baker develops methods to explore expressive non-verbal modes of communication, extended embodiment and presence in real and mixed reality and interactive art contexts, using XR, haptics/ e-textiles, wearable devices and mobile media. She has an ongoing fascination with all things emotional, embodied, felt, sensed, the visceral, physical, and relational. Baker explores new mechanisms to elicit engaging experiences using evolving approaches to technology and the body in participatory and interactive performance.

INTER/her, a multi-sensory, immersive VR art installation that takes you inside the womb

An immersive installation and Virtual Reality artwork focussed on post-reproductive diseases and pain over 40's women experience: endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, Ovarian and other cysts, cervical, ovarian, uterine and endometrial cancers. The sensory and emotional experience moving from the outside in within a real dome space into VR space, with a 3D audio soundscape of the voices and stories of real women recounting their experiences, making it an intimate, emotional and possibly haunting experience, with accompanying wearable haptic garment providing a visceral vibration responsive experience on the lower abdomen, where the various diseases occur.

Project authors
Camille Baker - Artist/Artistic Director
Maf’j Alverez - Interaction Unity Designer

Additional project credits
Sarah Büttner - Tilt Brush and 3D environment artist
Bushra Burge - Haptic corset interaction/fashion designer
Kat Austen - Sound Designer
Paul Hayes - Electronics Engineer
Andy Baker - Unity coding assistance