Karoline Winzer
Free. Artwork shown as part of main exhibition.
Karoline Winzer is a creative technologist and multimedia designer. Her work focuses on tangibly connecting people with one another in interactive and immersive environments. Born in Austria, raised in the U.S., and living in London, Karoline is especially interested in creating and connecting with one another across different perspectives. She is fascinated by the idea of the audience controlling an experience with nothing more than their bodies and presence, and often uses a combination of animation, physical computing, coding, and fun physics experiments to create those kinds of interactions. Karoline started her journey into creative technology during a Diploma in Creative Computing at University of the Arts London and fell in love with it! She currently works as a creative technologist in London and is part of the Electronics and Visual Arts Conference Committee (EVA). She is also passionate about service design and languages, and enjoys building things in the 3D workshop just as much as on a laptop. She is infinitely curious, loves to make people smile, and is always down to chat about tech, comedy, philosophy, music, and basically everything else.

The mushrooms you see on the surface are only half the story. Under the ground lies an interconnected web of fungi called mycelium, which forges underground networks that allow trees to communicate. This collaborative community is vital to soil and forest ecosystems, and collectively forms what has become known as the “wood wide web”.

Inspired by this idea of a collective and collaborative network, MYCELIUM is an interactive experience designed to help participants physically see the power of collaboration. The project’s interactive elements are triggered through a human circuit, meaning that the installation can only work when every participant plays their part to connect the two sides of the structure. By creating an embodied representation of what connection and collaboration can do, the experience shows participants that you, like the mycelium, play an important part in your networks and communities.