Louie Hext
Interactive Ants
Free. Artwork shown as part of main exhibition.
Louie Hext is a computational artist and developer, whose recent work involves creating physically generative systems and exploring complexity through interactive technologies. He is interested in producing organic structures through maths and code, and investigating how the rise of technology will influence visual culture and our perception of it. He has a degree in Theoretical Physics and has recently completed an MA in computational art at goldsmiths. Currently he works as a software engineer at a generative architecture studio. He also enjoys bouldering, analogue printing, and making audio reactive systems and visuals.

An interactive simulation in which you can impact the world of the ants in real time. Pieces of paper become elements in the ant world when placed under a webcam. Users can place food, nests and barriers into the world and see how the ants react. Will you make their life harder or easier?