Vroom Lab
Free. Artwork shown as part of main exhibition.
Vroom is an international based interactive theatre design studio consisting of a female-led artist duo Erin Guan & Isabel Sun based in London and Taipei. We are both designers who have been working in the performance industry for three years, graduated from the Interactive Architecture Lab at UCL's Bartlett School this year with a dream of a future of theatre that combines technology and art. In June, 2021 Chamber404 was selected for the Camden People Theatre at the 2021 Summer Digital Sprint festival and exhibited the work-in-process design in Ars Electronica and Mostyn gallery and Taipei VA Hub in 2022.

Chamber 404 contains effects that may cause dizziness or motion-sickness.

As our digital reality and physical reality grow increasingly entangled, social media becomes our essential method of building connections with others. Our online identity is constantly influenced by mass information, while our opinions also influence this vast information world in cyberspace. Adolescents and young people are especially reliant on platforms such as Instagram or TikTok to form a sense of identity, leading to unique difficulties in self-identity construction. Are we doomed to live under capitalist-oriented social media platforms designed to sell user attentions? And even more doomed as Gen Z users who know no other ways to live and socialise? Chamber404 provides a first-person experience through voice acting and a radical visual explosion of 360 video on Web-XR platform, allowing users to empathise with young people navigating through the obscure cyberworld with changing online identities. It's a story about an online user finding and switching their identities in a nightmare with no exit. Told from the perspective of East Asian female artists, Chamber404 explores disorientation and confusion in the process of self-identity construction via pressure to perform, social obligations, the dissolving of work and life privacy online and display of sexuality.