Virtual Self-Expression and Digital Fashion

Lili Eva Bartha

2.30pm - 3.30pm
Sunday 5th February 2023
Eagle Wharf (Lecture Theatre)
Free. Entry limited to ticket holders.

The increasingly digitized aspects of our everyday activities, such as working, socializing, consuming and playing on digital platforms are fueling a rapidly growing desire to better understand the notion of the digitisation of the self. While digital identity is expressed in a number of ways in the Metaverse, avatars are currently the most common representation of users. In this talk, we will go over different perspectives on the Direct-to-Avatar landscape, and how emerging platforms such as GN3RA are enabling a global audience to take part in creating their preferred format of the virtual self.


No experience or equipment is needed for this event.


Lili Eva Bartha is an award-winning Digital Fashion and XR specialist with a scientific and design background. Lili is dedicated to promote decentralised solutions that build a more democratic and diverse future.

She is the founder and CEO of GN3RA, the world's first Web3 creator Metaverse that will enable global audiences to take charge of their virtual self-expression through creating, customizing, wearing and sharing digital outfits. A symbol for self-expression, GN3RA’s mission is to enable creators to explore and express their virtual identity within the Metaverse, online virtual worlds and games through the power of digital fashion.