London Creative Coding Meetup

London Creative Coding

6.30pm - 9pm
Thursday 2nd February 2023
Eagle Wharf (Lecture Theatre)
Free. Entry limited to ticket holders.

London Creative Codinng have teamed up with Peckham Digital again to help kick off our festival in style.

Timings are a little tight so we'll have 2 talks this time, followed by a private tour of the exhibition by the artists. Oh, and of course the pub after!

Our lovely speakers for the night:

A Type of Magic - by James Camilleri

Typo is an interactive experience with a vintage typewriter that has a life of its own. Animated by hidden robotics and artificial intelligence, it writes poetry through a dialogue with its human audience.

This talk chronicles the process of Typo's construction, detailing the multiple iterations of the project, and the issues encountered (and mostly solved) throughout development. We'll also discuss the code that stitches it all together, and look at how AI language models were utilised to give Typo its inner spark.

James Camilleri is a software engineer by day, but has experience in graphic and motion design, and is wildly passionate about the theatre, whether it's on stage as a performer or as part of a production team. With a burgeoning interest in generative digital art, he is keen on creating things that break out of the digital space and into the real world.

The Spatial Programming Pipe-Dream - by Lu Wilson

Join Lu for a tour of ‘spatial programming’ and explore coding beyond the text file. Lu will share their journey through some off-the-path programming paradigms and present some experiments fresh from their lab.

Lu is a creative coder from London with a background in teaching. Under the TodePond handle, they share their work on cellular automata, fractals, and languages, in the form of ‘slightly surreal’ videos. Their recent projects include: a fractal drawing tool, a way of making music with arrows, and a frog time-travel simulator.