Nomi Sasaki
Track-track: Let's follow the cat!
Free. Artwork shown as part of main exhibition.
Nomi Sasaki Otani is a Peruvian Japanese visual artist and researcher. As a Ph.D. candidate at the Zurich University of the Arts, in collaboration with the University of Art and Design Linz, her research DADA-TATA focuses on interactive art related to personal data processing and children's rights in the digital realm. This project is nourished by her background in Communication Science and Interactive Arts and her work experience in production and cultural management. Sasaki is also devoted to Chinese black ink tradition and animation. In her personal work, she explores scale and dimension, the material nature of water, the behavior of light, and how these elements can create new landscapes and atmospheres for multidisciplinary performances.

A hungry Andean cat travels to the coast to fish, unaware that he has some special followers.

Track-track: Let’s follow the cat! is a micro puppet show for children where the spectator’s biometric data animates elements of the scenography. While seeing the show inside a box through a peephole, the kid activates sensors that take the data to make the stars shine, blow the wind, and move the waves.

Taking the format of the Brazilian Lambe Lambe theater-a peep box- this project aims to explore children’s new digital environment and the concerns around biometric data and the notion of privacy. This interactive puppet show investigates how children recognize themselves as a data source and perceive their own digital data as a resource.

Track-track: Let’s follow the cat! is part of the DADA-TATA project. Performance for one person (~3 min).