Romain Biros
Careless fluids
Free. Artwork shown as part of main exhibition.
Romain is an artist based in London and best known for his ability to interrogate and hack audio-visual technologies to go beyond their intended purposes. He has a master in computer science (INSA Lyon, France) and in computational arts (Goldsmiths, U.K.). Using programming his work spans a diverse range of practices such as photography, film, electronic music, performances and art installations. With loss="binary_crossentropy" (2019), he brought the latent space of machine learning into the gallery space to explore the operational contexts in medical imaging. He is now involved with in_grid collective and his latest series of works focus on revisiting the use of the slit-scan photography technique.

Careless fluids is an installation originally made for In-grid RealBodies in 2022, an exhibition and performance evening organised by the collective: “Clubs are refracted spaces, experienced by their visitors as serving a spectrum of functions. They are places to converge and meld bodies into dance monstrosities. They are the site of introspection, of a mindful hedonism, for an individual alone in a smoking area. Or else they are safe spaces, a room in which to comfortably self destruct.”

In this new iteration we incorporated a sonic dimension reacting to the visuals and designed by Sunny. The installation is made to distort the audience reflection with a similar technique used in AB_tempora called ‘Slit-scanning’ along with real-time mesh noise deformation of the surface the moving-image is mapped upon. Technology: C++, OpenFrameworks, openGL, openCV, RaspberryPi