Tech Yard

Jazmin Morris

4pm - 6pm
Thursday 2nd February 2023
Eagle Wharf (Teaching Lab)
Free. Entry limited to ticket holders.

Tech Yard is a Southwark-based, free, creative computing club. We believe that technology should be creative, fun, criticised and accessible so we provide free, introductory workshops to a broad range of creative technologies. Tech Yard is for everyone – whether they have an existing interest in tech or not. It helps to provide a genuine sense of community and confidence, along with building up skills through accessible, enjoyable training in creative computing. We are particularly interested in working with people that would not usually interact with this field or feel that their voices are excluded from the industry.

Tech Yard is funded by UAL Creative Computing Institute and founded and maintained by Creative Computing Artist and Educator Jazmin Morris.


Jazmin Morris is a creative computing artist and educator based in London. Her personal practice and research explore representation and inclusivity within technology. She uses free and open-source tools to create digital experiences that highlight issues surrounding gender identity, race and power; focusing on the complexities of simulating culture and identity.

Jazmin is a socially engaged artist, often collaborating with communities to provide workshops and tutorials, including Tech Yard - a community initiative that she founded to encourage voices that are often excluded from technical developments to gain skills and confidence in the area.

Jazmin is currently the Computation Tutor on the Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins and a Lecturer in Digital Outreach at the Creative Computing Institute. Jazmin envisions a better, decentralised web that enhances identities instead of hindering them. She still fantasises over web.1 and Super Mario 64.