Event 2021

London Creative Coding Meetup

London Creative Coding

6.30pm - 10pm
Thursday 9th September 2021
Free. Entry limited to ticket holders.

We're back with a bang and will be joining forces with Peckham digital festival to help kick start their exhibition on the 9th of September.

We have 3 amazing talks lined up, followed by a private tour of the exhibition, and then maybe a drink or 2 down the boozer.

In no particular order we have:

Generative Art - Collaborating with a computer by Amy Goodchild

Amy is an artist and creative technologist. She works with code and hardware to create generative art and interactive installations.

She'll reveal her process for generative art, share some recent work and some tools and tips. She'll also think about some theoretical questions around randomness, generation, autonomy and interaction.

https://twitter.com/amygoodchild https://www.instagram.com/amy_goodchild/ https://www.amygoodchild.com/

What makes a good jigsaw puzzle by Charlotte Dann

Through the lens of her year-long jigsaw project Abstract Puzzles, Charlotte will reflect on establishing a creative practice, the intersection of generative art and generative design, the power of building your own tools, and what precisely makes a jigsaw puzzle so satisfying and fun to solve.

Charlotte Dann is a creative technologist and maker. She splits her time between working as a front-end software engineer and tinkering with various digital-to-physical coding projects in her East London studio.

https://abstractpuzzl.es https://charlottedann.com

Our Stories by Tiffany Singh and James Cleghorn

An innovative tech project where arts and culture create a platform for people to come together to share an experience even if they see the world in radically different ways. A local to global project that presents a social practice art methodology with humanitarian outcomes & technological solutions to mediate the challenges we face in the world today.

Tiffany Singh was born in New Zealand of Indian & Pacific descent, her practice explores relationships & engagement between arts, culture & subjective well-being.

Singh has worked on sustainable community outreach, exploring engagement in the arts that focus on expanding research within the social sciences. Her interest in cultural preservation combined with an integrated social discourse has seen her use the arts as a vehicle for education, outreach & empowerment. An internationally recognised artist, Singh's works often suggest positive impact by guiding audiences through fine art frameworks to engender policy & advocacy of social cohesion informed by social ethics to affect well-being & foster unique art & social impact outcomes.

Creative technologist James Cleghorn specialises in developing custom digital applications using creative coding frameworks and his own hand built solutions. Cleghorn works alongside artists, collaborating on concepts and applying his broad technical skill set to bring these concepts into reality and position them for a global audience.

https://tiffanysingh-ourstories.tumblr.com https://tiffanysingh.com/following-steps https://tiffanysingh.com/the-journey-of-a-million-miles-begin-with-one-step https://tiffanysingh.com